Entering Sweden through Malmo

Malmo is a city that is located in the Scania Province of Sweden and is the third most populated city in the country. It covers an area of one hundred and twenty-nine square miles and has a population of almost three hundred thousand residents. This city can trace its roots back to the thirteenth century, when it was a fortified wharf of the Archbishop of Lund. During the fifteenth century, Malmo became the largest of Denmarks cities and reached a population of over five thousand inhabitants. It was also during this time that a new citadel was built at the beach located to the south of the city. It would eventually become a fortress known as Malmohus. Though other builds were constructed at the same time as Malmohus, the fortress is the only one from that time that still stands today. By the mid eighteenth century, Malmo started to grow and by the beginning of the nineteenth century the city has a population of over thirty-eight thousand people. The population continued to grow throughout the nineteenth and early twentienth century, until the population topped the two hundred thousand mark in 1952. The onset of a recession during the 1970s had a negative impact on the population of the city, as well as its economic activites which traditionally centered around shipbuilding.

Today, Malmo has experienced a period of revival. Interesting enough, this is not due to economic activity located within the city, but is attributable to the building of the Oresund Bridge. When the bridge was constructed it allowed a significant portion of Malmo’s population to see work in Denmark. Now, over ten percent of the population of Malmo works in Copenhagen. Another factor that has contributed to the revival of the economy is Malmo’s tourist industry. This has allowed a significant amount of tourist dollars into their local economy. The tourist industry in the city is sparked by its unique culture and its many tourist attractions. One of the most prominent attractions is the HSB Turning Torso. The HSB Turning Torso is a skyscraper that was designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and was opened in 2005. This build rises over six hundred and twenty-three feet and is the second tallest residential building in Europe, at the time of its construction. Its called the Twisting Torso because the top portion of the building is twisted ninety degrees from the bottom of the building. Though this building is a popular attraction for tourist to look at, the building is not open to the general public.

Another thing to check out in the city is Malmo Museum. This is not one singular museum, but is rather a collection of different museums. The main part is located in Malmo Castle. The castle was built in the fifteenth century by Pomerania king, King Eric. The original castle was demolished in the sixteenth century and a new one was constructed thirty years later by King Christian III of Denmark. Inside visitors can find exhibits on Malmo’s history, the history of the castle itself and the archealogical finds from around the area. Other museums in the city include Malmo’s Natural History Museum, an art museum and an aquarium.

Oresund Bridge is another attraction in the city. This is a bridge that is a combination four lane road and a two rail tract that spans the Oresund strait. It is the longest hybrid bridge in all of Europe and connects Malmo with the Danish city of Copenhagen. Construction on the bridge began in 1995 and was finished four years later. The official inauguration happened in July of 2000 and was attended by King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Margrethe II. The bridge is twenty-five thousand feet long and is made up of over eighty-two thousand tons of material. The sixteen hundred foot cable stayed main span is the longest of its type in the entire world.

Other attractions in the city of Malmo include St. Petri (St. Peter’s Church), The Form Design Center and Lilla Torg. The city is also home to a number of cafes, restaurants and hotels. Prominent restaurants in the city include Scandic Segevang, Steakhouse Lilla Torg, Arstiderna i Kockska Huset, Radhuskallaren and Slagthuset. Popular hotels in the city of Malmo include Rica Hotel Malmo, First Hotel Garden, Radisson SAS Hotel, Comfort Hotel Malmo, Elite Hotel Residens and the Best Western Premier Hotel Master Johan. A thing to consider when visiting the city is to purchase a Malmo Card. This card gives the holder free admission to most of the museums in the city. It also gives the holder free parking and free bus rides within the city limits.